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During a reading Liz can pull psychic information in various ways:

Channeling a loved one in spirit;
Locating past lives and soul contracts;
Mind probes;
Future self information based upon your current timeline;
Remote Viewing;
Channeling anything that has a consciousness; and
Talking directly to your soul;

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CTT (Consciousness Transformation Techniques), created by George Duisman,  is an innovative past-life regression technique that removes blockages that are standing in the way in your present lifetime.

Liz Cross is currently the only approved CTT practitioner in the world that can tune in to your own past life traumatic events. She studied under George for more than 3 years and has completed several hundred sessions with him.

Often, we  exist in a pit of confusion and wonder why we are being blocked. We continue to make the same mistakes again and again. CTT works to understand why the soul has formed certain soul contracts and experiences that hinder your life. It causes you to process information and transform your consciousness.

If you are able, it is highly recommended that you book 3 sessions over a 3-day period for best results.

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Liz channeled my mother who recently passed. I was so grateful to hear from my mother. It brought me comfort and peace

Danny T

I always thought I had an irrational fear of flying until Liz uncovered my past lives and removed that fear from my body. She has changed my life!

Angela F

I used Liz to do several mind probes for potential employment interviews to make sure I secured the job I wanted. I knew exactly what they were looking for when I was interviewed. I was able to ace the interviews and get the job!

Martin L

CTT is amazing! I felt lighter afterwards. She lifted this terrible anxiety off of me in only a few sessions. I had gone to conventional therapy for years and it did nothing for me. Thanks Liz for saving me from this horrible anxiety!

Chi D

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