CTT Group Online

Published November 11 2022


I am often asked about the CTT group that we do every Monday morning at 9am Central. We have a core group of people that show up without fail. We work on many issues from DNA, fears, anxiety, depression and even birth traumas. It is an extremely effective tool that leaves the group feeling much lighter than when they started as we are clearing out a lot of negative energy that we hold onto in and around our body.

If you would like to join the CTT group or have access to the weekly recordings, please sign up to the Patreon/Remote Viewing and Beyond.

Currently, until after the New Year, regular readings and private CTT session bookings are closed as the booking calendar is completely full. This will reopen after the New Year when the backlog has gone down some.

The VIP Jump the Queue Bookings, Ask Erik and Ask Liz bookings still remain open. They also fill up quickly so please do not hesitate to book.

I hope to see you all in the CTT group, on the Patreon or on the Discord soon.


Much Love xx