Brother’s Death – Key Is In A Past-life

Published July 27 2022

george duisman

By George Duisman

I have a friend that one day told me her brother died in an accident on the farm when she was 12 and he was 14.  She told me that it was so horrific for her that in 50 years she could not revisit the scene of that in her mind.  I was just starting to realize that the key traumas are almost NEVER from this life.  We’ve been very well trained to think that they are, but I find this to be quite wrong.  Here is a beautiful example.

I guided her to the key core past-life trauma behind her brothers death.  (This was way before I discovered the power of victim perpetrator pattern).  She connected with being in a Tomb and she said “a great leader, like Jesus, we know that’s the wrong name, had just died.”  All hope was gone, all love was gone, all reason for living was gone!  We tapped one round and her pain seemed gone.

I asked her to revisit that scene of her brother’s death and stop the instant she found some intensity.  Pretty soon she said “I’ll stop.”  She said all of my pain was gone, but my own pain back then was so intense that she was oblivious to her mothers pain and she could now see her mother’s pain and that hurt.  So I guided her to the trauma behind her mother’s pain and after one round of tapping she went into BLISS!!!

After a while I suggested that she could come back to that feeling when ever she wanted.  Yet, she continued to revel in her bliss for several more minutes.  She eventually said, “I want to spend hours in this feeling, let’s finish this off.”  She went back in the scene and all her pain was GONE and her pain re her mother’s pain was gone. This was with two rounds of tapping, one for her pain and one for her pain re her mothers pain.  The whole session took 30 minutes and most of that time was spent telling me about what happened and the reveling in her bliss!

To me this shows rather clearly that big traumatic events from this life are not usually the key to healing- it’s the past-life etc. traumas that are!

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