HUGE! Key to Healing Human Sexuality & Relationships & More!!!

Published July 27 2022

george duisman

By George Duisman

Yesterday I did a session with a woman aimed at the feeling of being a man and why men are sexually controlling & possessive.  She connected with a life of her own where she was born a male.  It was the actual birth process.

Right away he was shook and pulled away from his mother.  She said that was one of THE worst things that they could do!  And why did she (his mother) allow that??  Then the realization that the immediate cleaning of his body was not at all the best thing for him.  Then the realization that the umbilical cord was still supplying a lot of knowledge that he DESPERATELY needed for his adjustment for his life was CUT way prematurely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then more feelings like anger and betrayal toward his mother – how could she allow this to be done to me!!  Then being wrapped so that the small body movements that he needed to do was almost not possible.  Then of course the circumcision – more pain.  After a while, she realized that he would there after have VERY deep seated anger toward women because of this treatment!!!

She then went to see what it was like to be born a girl.  It was similar, but not quite the same.  The nurturing nature of being female was hugely damaged.  This session was SO PROFOUND for me that I was crying a lot.  My handkerchief was so wet after a while that I could not get my eyes dried.  When the session was calming down, I did go to the other side of the room and got another handkerchief to dry my eyes!

This woman does not want me to share her session right now and based on her previous work, it will be years before she’s OK with me sharing it.  As I see it, the world DESPERATELY needs this knowledge!!  So, I’d like to suggest that others try the same or similar thing.   I’m also very interested in seeing if I can do sessions with other people that are willing to share, to get this same kind of info.  My writing here is TOTALLY inadequate to get the feeling of this session and it’s importance across!!

It looks to me like this knowledge is key in helping ALL of us heal.  From my experience, the best session will be in healing the key past-life births and probably not the present-life birth.  Yet, I’m pretty sure that many people will not understand this and try and heal the birth trauma from THIS life.  That should have some positive effect, but not the best.