Grief, Karma, Tapping And A Wonderful Breakthrough!!

Published July 27 2022

george duisman

By George Duisman

Years ago I tried helping a woman with very severe grief. She had grief upon grief in this life. When she was four years old she got angry and stomped across the street and her three year old baby brother chased after her, got hit by a bus and was killed. Her parents blamed her and she was locked out of her home! She eventually found a home, adopted by a man she came to dearly love. When she was 27 he died and thus more grief. Then later she lost her only two children in a fire on the same day and a few years later her husband died in an automobile accident.

When I met her she’d done 15 years of therapy trying to heal. She said she spent at least four thousand UK pounds on multiple therapies, including Reverse Speech Metaphor Restructuring. I learned EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) pretty well and was generally getting good results. We did three or four sessions attempting to tap away her grief. These were approximately hour long sessions. I did not time them as we just worked as we saw fit at that time. We did not get any great results.

Near the end of the last session, I suggested that we try something different. I suggested that she allow her feelings of grief to guide her to a past-life scenario. She fairly quickly came up with being kidnapped and taken from her children. Lots of grief there. We tapped on that grief and got nowhere. So I suggested another past-life. She connected with being born an orphan, her mother died giving birth to her. We tapped on that grief and again got no results.

Then I stumbled in the right direction and said “Go to another life, maybe we will get to the KEY life.” SHE WENT TO THE KEY LIFETIME!!!! She said “I killed people and enjoyed it!” We tapped on that grief and it was gone with ONE round of tapping!!!!! This is like two minutes! I tested and tested asking her many questions. It was GONE!!!

I then said, take a look at being born the orphan – GONE no grief there now! Again I tested rather thoroughly. I then said take a look at being kidnapped and taken from your children – no grief. I did not test on that a lot as the pattern was pretty clear.

I then suggested that she take a look at the scene of losing her only two children in the fire. She said “This is so weird, THIS IS SO WEIRD!!!!!!! Just a few minutes ago it was so intense, now it’s like an ordinary event!!!”

So, most of her grief went away with ONE ROUND of tapping on the key core event in the key-core past-life!! 15 years of therapy trumped with one round of tapping on the right issue from the right point of view! I’ve used this principle many times after this with HUGE success!!! Just guide them to the key-core issue in the key past-life, find all the emotions and tap on them and WHAM!!! it’s gone!!!! It’s actually quite simple. Many times an emotion is missed and so another round of tapping is needed. It’s useful to understand tapping principles. See Gary Craig and EFT.

This is also a powerful lesson regarding what’s been called Karma. How I see what happened is that later in that life where she killed people and enjoyed it or after, she felt remorse and or grief. In subsequent lives she set it up so that she could understand the other side of what she did. Thus, many lives of amazing grief and lots of grief in this life!

I think this principle can be used in many ways, even for possible surrogate healing. I suspect that someone that is rather psychic can tune into another person’s past-life trauma and tap it away quickly. This may lead to 10 or 15 minute powerful healing. I’ve done this a couple of times, but it took something like an hour on the first attempts. From what I’ve seen this can be sped up with practice and more sessions aimed at the psychics abilities. It looks to me like most anything can be accomplished with lots of healing sessions, even the ability to easily help others to heal!

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